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          Dr. Blackman works with individuals who struggle with a variety of issues, often stemming from the interaction of their unique biology and the external environment. For example, some people develop panic attacks, some drug addictions, some obsessive rituals and some become rigid and inflexible in their thinking and behavior. These symptoms may get in the way of living a productive and satisfying life.

          There are other people who have particularly unyielding personality traits that cause them to be vulnerable to relationship issues and feelings of emptiness. Dr. Blackman’s goal is to work flexibly with each person to come up with a treatment approach that suits their specific needs.

          Dr. Blackman utilizes a holistic approach when treating patients. The mind and body are linked. For this reason, she works closely with internists and other professionals in the medical and mental health field to treat the whole patient.

          Dr. Blackman is conservative in her use of medication and may suggest you come in monthly to discuss any side effects in detail and to re-evaluate the usefulness of the medications. The goal is for you to be on the simplest but most effective regimen possible to limit side effects and drug interactions. She also helps patients carefully taper off of medications that may no longer be necessary or may be causing significant side effects.

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